Тематический план

  • Общее

    Данный курс является вспомогательным и предназначен для участников очной программы "Group Dynamics", занятия в которой проходят в виде познавательной интеллектуальной игры. В курсе решаются задачи организации взаимодействия в группе:

      • выполнение коллективной задачи
      • согласованность в обсуждении проблемы и выработка подхода к её решению
      • соблюдение специально принятых правил и процедур совместной деятельности.



    Basic terms  and debates structure

  • Junk Food at school. YES or NO ?

    Here we are doing our first attempts in debates. We've got to know how to present the main idea and describe the details in our arguments.

  • What do you prefer: talking or printing?

    Do you prefer talking on your phone or printing messages in a chat room?

    We might learn to persuade listeners using special tips in our oral or written presentation.

    We 'll get acquainted with the complete assessment sheet for our debate speeches during this week.

  • Choosing preferences and responding

    It's just right time to practice responding and assessing your answers.

    You have only to do the task.

  • Video games. Yes or No?

    Video games are a popular pastime for children and adults, but many people have different opinions about wether video games are positive or negative.

  • Oral presentations

    From this moment we are going to start getting ready for our presentations. We obviously need a help. This list of useful expressions might help you.

  • School worries

    How do you feel at school? Can you avoid stress when you study for an exam or if you are overloaded with your school activities?

    school worries

  • Test time

  • School Safety

    This is the next topic to discuss. After terrific news from Perm  and Ulan - Ude it's seems to be more actual than ever.

  • Weird sport in Olympics

    Weird sport should be a part of Olympics. Should it or not?

    The final debates on this topic are going to be on the 30th of March.